Do you want to help shape, create & improve drum education in the US? Are you're committed to your students for the long haul. Are committed to developing correct technique in your students; Are you motivated by your students, - molding them & developing so that they find their own styles through nurture, creativity & musicianship?  Bring your strengths & UNIQUE qualities to the Guild.  D'Addario, Sabian Education Network, Johnny Rabb,  Joe Bergamini, Liberty Devitto, Billy Ward, Dom Famularo, Alphonse Mouzon & 100's of other educators are part of our family. Membership is free.  With 100's of members representing  over 4000 drum students across the United States & around the world, PDTG is striving to raise the bar in drum education. 


"Big thank you to Marty for creating this wonderful Professional Drum Teachers Guild. It is another great association allowing professional drum teachers to connect, share and collaborate in our industry ...something that is very much appreciated."

Aldo Mazza: KoSA & PDTG Member


" I am so impressed with all the vision and hard work Marty has done with the Professional Drum Teacher Guild. It unites drum educators globally. Ideas can be shared and open communication always move the art form forward. As I travel around the world I meet the teachers and we are bonded by playing the drums and sharing it with our students! Marty keep the fire burning and thanks for all your efforts!"

Dom Famularo: Professional Drum Educator & PDTG Member


A Journal For Drum Educators
When I first became a member of the Professional Drum Teachers Guild (PDTG),
I was captivated by the idea of a network for drum educators. Specifically, I
envisioned a collective of drum teachers who share a common goal of becoming
the best drum instructor possible. Moreover, I am enthusiastic about the
possibilities each member brings to our journal derived from their unique and
diverse experiences, which can educate, inform, and inspire others.
I have been given the privilege of collecting and editing the inaugural issue
of the PDTG Journal. It is my hope that this first volume will serve as the impetus
for furthering drum pedagogy. As a drum educator, performer, and scholar, I
believe that we (drum teachers) need a place to share ideas, reflect, and build
from the insights of our peers, which is the purpose of this journal.
In this issue veteran drum teacher Peter Greco shares ideas about his
approach and philosophy to teaching the drums. Percussion innovator Stephane Chamberland provides suggestions to strengthen the “weaker side” of your students’ percussive ability. Last, Bob Bloom discusses a model drum program that he has implemented in schools, which can move drum teaching toward a broader audience.

As you read and consider the following pages, it is my hope that you will
be inspired and motivated to further your practice. Furthermore, you will likely
formulate your own insights derived from your distinct perspective. If you are
compelled, I invite you to share your ideas in our next issue. This is not a
collection of articles for the academic elite. Instead, this journal is designed to
address a breadth of areas related to our profession. So, my fellow drummers I
invite you to contemplate and enjoy the maiden issue of the Professional Drum Teachers Guild Journal.

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Both inspirational and motivational, This is a "must -read" for all drum teachers